Al Mira joined the Carlisle Town Band in 2006, after many years of contemplating with the schedules of the band, family and his career as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Finally, then in 2006, the scheduling worked out so that he could devote enough time (Mondays especially!) to be a reliable full-time band member while continuing his busy practice.

Al began his hobby with music in grade school with piano lessons. He was encouraged by his father who was an avid piano player in the big band era.  Like his three siblings, Al then "chose an instrument" --percussion. While taking lessons, mainly snare drum, throughout high school and college, he was exposed extensively to high school and college concert band, orchestra, marching band and drum and bugle corps. He was particularly honored and proud of his participation in the University of Iowa bands. He developed an interest in Tympani while in high school.  

Then came medical school – – the "outside world" stopped – – until 2006. For many years, he had been encouraged by Don Roeder, Craig Jurgensen, Harold Shughart and others. So, upon resuming the great musical hobby in 2006, (after 38 years!) he has enjoyed every minute of it.  And now, as he retires from orthopedic surgery this year, he hopes to perfect and expand his percussion skills.

Al often says he just likes tools, and that throughout his life he has just needed three main tools:  a Cobb elevator (an orthopedic surgical tool), a baseball bat (he played baseball until age 62) and drumsticks. 

He hopes to carry on now with his sticks and mallets!

Musician's Corner

Dr. Al Mira - Percussionist